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How to Ship a Bulldozer from One State to Another Via Transportation Services?

Bulldozers are used for many reasons like performing their jobs or moving off heavy-duty vehicles. They are those heavy tractors used at construction sites that are equipped with metal blades to push off rocks and other materials.

So, when you have to move them from one state to another, you will require professional transportation teams and skilled drivers. This can be done with a help of shipping companies who provides these heavy haulier services.

The most important thing here is to look for a trustworthy bulldozer shipping company that can do this work for you. This means you need to find someone who has a license to perform legally all over the states, has all the necessary equipment and tools, plus a good professional who will provide perfect service with the best results.

They should also have insurance documents that will cover everything in case of damage caused during the shipping.

Ship a Car, Inc. is one of the best shipping companies in moving heavy machinery and bulldozers. They do have a huge network of drivers and delivery experts who will ensure that the bulldozers are moved on time and in a good condition. Click on their website to understand more about them 

What is the best method for shipping?

There are two transport trailers available:


  • Open trailers: They are open from all sides, except for the front part. Sometimes they are covered at the back too.
  • Enclosed trailers: They cover and provide protection for your vehicle from all sides.

The best option would be an open trailer but they also have different types depending on the size. For the smaller bulldozer, you can use a single-vehicle flatbed trailer, while for larger ones you can use a Gooseneck trailer.

Make sure that you take care of the attachments to the bulldozer. The semi-U and straight edges can travel next to the bulldozer, but the universal and angle blades have to be detached and transpoted separately.

How is the cost calculated?

The cost is determined by the following factors: 

  • If the vehicle is of higher weight, then the cost will also be more. If you have an oversized car then you will need a permit to move from one state to another. Here the cost will be added.
  • The distance is another factor that will affect the cost. The more the distance, the more will be the cost.
  • The expected time of delivery will also affect the cost. The shorter the period, the more will be the cost.

How to prepare the bulldozer before the transportation process?

The following steps need to be installed:

  • Once you load the trailer on the truck, you need to take it off so that it doesn’t get drained during the journey.
  • Lock the doors so that they don’t open up during the travelling.
  • Try to cover the dozer as it will be more exposed to outdoor elements such as dust and rain which will get stuck to the dozer.
  • Remove any personal stuff from the dozer so that it doesn’t get missed during transportation.
  • You can document the pre-transport status of your dozer so that if any further damage is caused during the shipment, then the company needs to be blamed.

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